Please donate what you can to help the Democracy Amendment USA SuperPac to help spread the word to voters about ratifying the Democracy Amendment in the USA with wartime-speed.

The Democracy Amendment USA 527 SuperPac for the Majority, is registered with the Federal Elections Commission as a non-profit, non-partisan political action committee that is focused on ratifying Independent Presidential Candidate Harry Braun’s proposed 28-word Democracy Amendment as the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which will then empower the majority of voters to approve all laws and judicial decisions that impact the majority.

Once the 28th Amendment for Democracy is passed and ratified, all things will then be possible. The new United States Citizens Congress will be empowered to make government secrecy and bribery illegal, as the USA shifts with wartime-speed from oil and other highly-toxic and rapidly diminishing fossil and nuclear fuels, to a publicly-owned solar-sourced hydrogen and cannabis energy and economic system, which will be able to finance and power the indoor “Lifeboat” and larger “Arcology Ark” organic food production systems in existing homes and commercial buildings that will be able to operate in spite of the climate-change chaos that is already destroying food production systems worldwide.

And given the exponential nature of the problem, there is not a day to lose.

Humanity is rapidly accelerating towards both a technological “utopia” of regenerative medicine that will end aging and disease, as well as an ecological “oblivion” scenario that scientists refer to as the 6th Mass Extinction Event in the Earth’s 4.5 billion year old history, and the decisions made now will determine which future is going to evolve.

In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, and the remarkable Essene Jesus that Braun documents in the Democracy video on the right was a scientist, naturopathic physician and democrat.  So please Take Action Now, and make a donation to help establish a real Democracy in the USA, which will fundamentally end the dysfunctional nature of the existing bribery-based American Republic, which would truly be a revolutionary action that would only be the first domino of a Democratic Revolution worldwide.

And given the State of Emergency that now exists for the USA and Spaceship Earth, what could possibly be more important?