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Please donate what you can, so we can spread our message to download the Article V Citizen Ballot so we can ratify the Democracy Amendment in 2016.

Our mission is to make money and bribery in U.S. politics illegal by replacing the
bribery-based American Republic and its highly-toxic Oil & Nuclear Age that is rapidly making the Earth uninhabitable, with a real Democracy in 2016, that will then implement a non-toxic and completely renewable Solar Hydrogen & Cannabis Age in the U.S. and worldwide by 2025.

But if we are to accomplish this “transition of substance,” the first step is to Constitutionally empower the majority of citizens to phase-out the privately-owned oil, nuclear, banking and health care corporations when a majority of voters in 38-states ratify the 28-word Democracy Amendment as the 28th Amendment to the United States. Constitution.

The Original American Constitutional Convention

Indeed, given the political, economic and environmental State of Emergency that now exists in the USA and worldwide,which scientists refer to as the 6th Mass Extinction in the Earth’s history, it is now absolutely critical for the majority of American voters to take control of the utterly dysfunctional federal government before the next unverifiable (i.e., phony) presidential and congressional elections this November.

Given the tyranny of the oil-owned corporate news networks that gave Donald Trump over $5 billion of free air time, which was more than all of the other candidates received combined; and given both the Republicans and the so-called Democrats who are all bribed in secret by thousands of lobbyists.

Ratifying the Democracy Amendment will end the tyranny of the Republicans and the so-called Democrats who are both bribed by lobbyists.

This is why it is now critical for the majority of American voters to bypass this corrupt Republican system of government and inform their fellow citizens of how Article V provides a Constitutional pathway for the majority of voters to finish the American Revolution for Democracy, which was started in 1776 — but never completed because the majority of our Founding Fathers had no interest in allowing the common people to have access to or knowledge of the real political processes done in secret, so they established a Republic instead of a Democracy.

Just as Paul Revere alerted his fellow citizens in his day of the mortal danger that approached our country, it is now critical for every American citizen who is aware of our mission, to immediately send whatever contribution they can afford.  These funds are desperately needed so the Democracy Amendment USA Political Action Committee can purchase a full-page advertisement in The New York Times ASAP, which will include a copy of the Article V Citizen Ballot that is the “trigger mechanism” for ratification that can be downloaded here, without the bribery-based U.S. Congress or State Legislatures.

And as per Article V of the U.S. Constitution, when a majority of voters in 38-states participate in their State Constitutional Convention by mailing their signed Article V paper ballot to their Secretary of State, where the ballots can then be verified, scanned, counted, and archived, the 28-word Democracy Amendment will then be ratified as the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  A “Universal Mind” of over 60 million citizens will then be in control of the federal government, at which point
all things will then truly be possible.

So if you want to empower the majority in order to save Spaceship Earth, Take Action Now, while there is hopefully still time to make a difference.  Given the oil-company-owned national news networks have refused to make the American public aware of the Article V Democracy Amendment we are advocating, we are very much in need of  donations in any amount to help us purchase a full-page advertisement in The New York Times.  Taking on the Oil Industrial Complex is a formidable challenge, and as such, we need all of the financial help you can afford to finish America’s Revolution for Democracy that was started in 1776.