The vast majority of Americans believe the USA is already a Democracy because they hear it daily from the President and elected officials from both political parties, as well as so-called journalists.  But as Harry Braun points out, this Orwellian misinformation is easy to reveal.  No Supreme Court interpretation is needed because as any dictionary can verify, the USA has never been a Democracy because it is and always has been a bribery-based Republic, which is not majority rule, but rule by the tiny few of elected officials and political parties who are bribed in secret by literally thousands of lobbyists.

As a result, this Republican “representative” form of government is based on voters giving all of their political power to elected officials in unverifiable elections, who are then bribed in secret by thousands of lobbyists.  A Democracy is fundamentally different because the majority of voters, which are a Universal Mind” of millions of people, keep their political power for when it is needed most to approve or oppose all laws and judicial decisions that affect their lives.

Given this insight, the so-called Democrats in the Democratic Party are really Republicans, who simply call themselves democrats.  But the result is the same, whereby a tiny handful of wealthy individuals and corporations from the Oil Industrial Complex (which includes the major mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, banking and media corporations) who all bribe candidates, Members of Congress, State Legislators, Judges and attorney generals into believing there are no alternatives to mass producing and using ever increasing amounts of oil and other highly-toxic fossil and nuclear fuels that are rapidly making the Earth uninhabitable.

Given the Supreme Court has now ruled that money (i.e., bribery) equals free speech, this is reason enough to ratify the Democracy Amendment with wartime-speed, so the majority of citizens can overrule this absurd judicial ruling, as well as a long list of others, including the one that defines corporations as people.  This is why the corporations pay the fines, or are otherwise held legally responsible, and not the executives who committed the crimes. And if the fines are too steep, the corporation simply goes out of existence and a “new” corporation is formed by the same executives to take its place.

The lobbyists even wrote laws that allow corporations to be exempt from damages from the trillions of dollars of health care costs from over 100,000 unregulated and untested toxic chemicals that are now in the blood of every man, woman and child worldwide, including the unborn who soak in a withes brew of poisons from the point of conception.  Medical professor John Gofman said only one word came to mind regarding such global chemical and radiological contamination of an entire planet for profit, and that word was Nuremberg.  However, as a practical matter, such trials will never take place without the ratification of the Democracy Amendment with the Article V Citizen Ballot on this website.

Oil billionaires are financially backing key members of both political parties, who are elected in unverifiable easily hacked computer elections with votes counted in secret by private corporations like ES&S.  This is why the major policies of George W Bush were the same as those of Barack Obama.  Fareed Zakaria, a PhD in political science, a highly respected host on CNN’s Global Public Square program, regularly refers to the USA as a Democracy, and in one broadcast, he referred to India as the world’s largest and oldest Democracy.

This is simply not the case, because India, like the United States, is not a Democracy at all, but a Republic, as are the countries of China, Russia, North Korea, Syria and Israel. As such, the world’s largest and oldest operating Democracy is Switzerland, whose Democratic Constitution was formalized in the year 1291.  Braun repeatedly emailed Zakaria and his executive producer about this obvious mistake, as well as the other error Zakaria made when he proclaimed that there was no energy alternative to fossil fuels and fracking, which is merely repeating oil industry propaganda.  Zakaria refused to respond to Braun’s emails, nor did he ever correct the record regarding his statements regarding fossil fuels, or the fact that India is not a Democracy.

Christiane Amanpour, another highly respected CNN journalist, made a similar mistake when she referred to Israel as a Democracy.  This was an especially interesting comment because Christiane and others have stated that the majority of Israeli citizens did not support their government’s settlement policy on Arab lands, which  is the primary factor that is preventing any fundamental reconciliation between the Israelis and the Palestinians and other Arabs in the Middle East.  It is why the definitions of words are indeed important.  Indeed, defining terms is the first step in critical thinking skills.