The majority will then be empowered to form the new U.S. Citizens Congress (USCC), which will then be operated like the U.S. Navy while being governed by a “Universal Mind” of over 60 million citizens.  It will then be possible make government secrecy, lobbying and other forms of bribery illegal, after which all things will then be possible, including chaos unless the majority is aware of the many interrelated and important insights that are provided in Braun’s Presidential Campaign Briefing Document.


With transparent majority rule, it will be possible to implement Braun’s Phoenix Project 5-year plan to replace all of the highly-toxic, climate changing, rapidly diminishing and water-intensive fossil and nuclear fuels and chemicals with solar-sourced hydrogen made from cannabis crops, which are four times more efficient than corn, as well as directly from water with electricity generated from less than three million two megawatt wind-powered hydrogen production systems, that are no more difficult to mass-produce that the over 17 million automobiles sold in the U.S. annually.  Indeed, 17 million two megawatt wind hydrogen production systems would permanently displace all of fossil and nuclear fuels worldwide.

Such solar and wind-powered hydrogen production technologies were developed in the 1800’s, thus no research and development is necessary, and the hydrogen electrolytic production technology has been in the public domain for nearly 200 years  As such, the the highly-toxic Oil and Nuclear Age that is in the final stages of making the Earth uninhabitable was never necessary, it was just highly-profitable for the Oil Industrial Complex.  

For over 30 years, Braun has been an Advisory Board Member of the world’s largest and most respected hydrogen and scientific engineering society, the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (, and as Henry Ford demonstrated in the 1920’s, the least expensive hydrogen and/or ethanol was made from cannabis, which was half the cost of gasoline.  Ford’s scientists also used non-toxic and completely biodegradable automotive plastics that were made from cannabis seeds that were 10 times stronger than steel.