The Democracy Amendment PDF

Please click the button below for a PDF file containing the Article V Citizen Ballot, and a one-page overview. Once the Citizen Ballot is downloaded, completed, signed and sent to your Secretary of State — where the paper ballot can be verified, counted, scanned (so it can be independently verified by the voters) and archived.

And as per Article V of the United States Constitution, when a majority of voters in 38 States mail in their ballots, the Amendment will be ratified — at which point a Universal Mind of over 60 million voters will be in charge of approving all laws that govern them, including all Supreme Court “recommendations.”

America’s Revolution for Democracy that was started in 1776 will finally have been won — but the bribery-based Republic has left us with a financial system that is collapsing and a contaminated and overpopulated wasteland from sea to contaminated sea, where even the bottled water (which is made from oil-based chemicals instead of cannabis resins) contains over 24,000 toxic chemicals.

The entire U.S. economy now runs on oil-based chemical poisons that will last for thousands of years on the surface of the Earth, or millions of years when they are injected deep underground by frackers.  Then there are the vast quantities of nuclear wastes like uranium 238, which has a half-life of 4.5 billion years — that is put on the tips of all of the U.S. bombs and munitions in our Oil Wars.  And once those bombs explode, the radioactive dust particles are blown into the air, where they are picked up by the winds and deposited worldwide, including all across the USA and its citizens.

This is what the Bribery-based Republic has left us. And all of this insanity needs to end.  But it will not end without ratifying the Democracy Amendment.  Indeed, the Trump administration, who just won an unverified election, is claiming a mandate to launch a new Moonshot program in shale oil and gas “fracking” on public lands that will poison the aquifers for millions of years, for a fracking site that will only produce gas and oil for less than two years — which is why fracking is banned in countries with leaders who refuse to poison their people and land essentially forever for the profits of private multinational oil, chemical and nuclear corporations.

Thus once in power, the majority must not just end government secrecy and bribery, it must also make the production of chemical and radioactive poisons illegal because they have always been completely unnecessary and they are now rapidly making the Earth uninhabitable.  At present, the air, water and food is all contaminated in the USA and worldwide, because most of the poisons are now so “ubiquitous” in the Earth’s atmosphere they arrive in the wind and rain worldwide.

The water and food is also rapidly disappearing because of the climate change chaos that the Trump administration believes is a hoax, and the mindless free market forces that the Trump administration advocates, along with the unscientific and unconstitutional drug war against cannabis and other natural medicinal herbs like morphine, which completely violates the notion of so-called free markets, as well as Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution which gives the federal government NO authority to prohibit consumer choices of foods, plants, drinks (like alcohol) or smoking mixtures (like tobacco or cannabis) — which is why a Constitutional Amendment had to be passed to make alcohol illegal in the 1920’s.

But cannabis was made illegal in 1937 with no recorded vote in either the House or Senate (using a secret lobbyists trick called “tellers”) and over the objections of Henry Ford and the American Medical Association, without any constitutional amendment.  There was also no constitutional amendment to authorize the establishment of the Federal Reserve private banking system to regulate the U.S, monetary policy, nor was there any Constitutional Congressional authorization for any of the multi-trillion dollar Oil Wars that have taken place since World War II.

Indeed, over $18 trillion has been spent on Oil Wars and tanker protection services from  1970 through 2000, and given the on-going Oil Wars since then in the Middle East and Ukraine, the cost of the Oil Wars is now larger than the current U.S. National Debt of $19 trillion — which does not include another over $100 trillion in Congressionally approved “unfunded liabilities for Social Security and Medicare that no one mentioned in the 2016 presidential campaign.  These highly-irresponsible actions more than justify ratifying the Democracy Amendment.

Indeed, if cannabis had not made illegal in 1937 by oil company lobbyists led by Andrew Mellon, Henry Ford would have put the highly-toxic Oil Industrial Complex out of business with his “Chemergy” concept of having the nations small farmers grow crops like cannabis for energy, plastics, high-explosives and medicines, that were far more effective — and much lower in cost — than the highly- toxic and nonrenewable oil-based products that are in the final stages of making the Earth uninhabitable.

This is why scientists need to be in charge of establishing and enforcing strict environmental regulations and not corporations or their lobbyists — or technically illiterate presidents like Donald Trump or Barack Obama.  And the entire Oil & Nuclear Industrial Complex of poisons must be replaced immediately with a solar and cannabis-sourced Hydrogen Economy — with a new Hydrogen Dollar that will be based on something far more valuable than gold. It will be based on Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the Universe — which is the foundation of all matter and life in the known Universe.

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The Democracy Amendment PDF