A 28-word, 28th Amendment to put the Majority of Voters in Charge!!!

“We the Voters, hereby empower the majority of American voters to approve all laws, federal legislation, presidential executive orders and judicial decisions that impact the majority of voters.”



The only way voters in America can Constitutionally replace Trump and America’s lobbyist-based Oligarchic Republic with a real Majority-Rule Democracy, is for the Voters in 38-States to ratify the “Power to the Voters” 28-word Democracy Amendment shown above as the 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution — before the next hacked election in 2020 — by using completely-verifiable State Constitutional Convention ballots downloaded in all 50 states from the DemocracyAmendmentUSA.org or BraunForPresident.US websites, which are then simply mailed to each voters Secretary of State, where the ballots can be verified and counted.

It is important to note that according to a national poll by Harvard University, a whopping 84% of both Republican and Democratic voters were disgusted with the money in politics, lobbying and partisan warfare. Once the Democracy Amendment is ratified, a “Universal Mind” of over 60 million voters, the majority of which are women, will then be constitutionally-empowered to approve all laws. And the first order of business will be to hold new and verifiable elections for President, Vice President and Members of America’s first majority-rule United States Citizens Congress with similar downloadable paper ballots, which will then be serving the interests of the majority of voters and not corporate lobbyists.

Similar verifiable paper ballots will also be used when voters approve or reject all federal laws, wars and Supreme Court recommendations. And once the majority of voters become “deciders” rather than just hapless outside “observers,” who never get to hear the secrets, voter participation will be unprecedented.

In a real Democratic America, voters will have the power to end government secrecy, partisan warfare and the lobbying (i.e., bribery) of elected officials, thereby allowing the U.S. Congress to be operated like the U.S. Armed Forces — with pride and without bribes. The majority of voters will then be able to deal with the many out-of-control issues that have never been resolved by any past presidents or the bribed members of Congress.

These fundamental problems include the fossil fuel-caused catastrophic climate change, and chemical contamination of every man, woman and child worldwide, including the unborn, as well as the fundamental problems of overpopulation, immigration, gun control and the national debt that has reduced the value of the U.S. Dollar to about 8 cents of what it was worth in 1970 when Nixon took the U.S. off of the Gold Standard, when a new Ford or Chevy cost less than $3,000 or a new home was $30,000. The same cars now cost over $35,000 and the same house now costs over $350,000, and the same is true for food, clothes, and everything else, while wages have hardly increased at all, which is why so many Americans are now struggling to survive in what was once the richest country in the world.

This reckless action by the Federal Reserve of private bankers, who print money for themselves to try and cope with the increasing out-of-control National Debts that are detailed on the USDebtClock.org website — which every voter should examine — because the total debt is not just the $23.6 trillion National Debt shown at the top of the website, but an additional $132 trillion at the bottom of what are called “unfunded liabilities,” which is a two-word definition of more debts. This includes over $31.5 trillion in debt for Medicare, which alone is much larger than the so-called National Debt, as well as $20.3 trillion in debt for Social Security, for a total U.S. debt of over $155.7 trillion as per 3/28/2020, which is $408,553 per citizen, which is over $1.6 million in debt for each family of four.

And now the Corona virus pandemic, which could have been greatly minimized if the Trump administration had not terminated the U.S. National Pandemic Infection Control Team in 2018, is now causing the Federal Reserve to print trillions of new dollars that will only further reduce the value of the dollar until it becomes essentially worthless, which no one in this country is prepared for!!!

And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the so-called record unemployment of 4% ignores the over 100 million Americans who are chronically employed, who pay no taxes and somehow live in an underground cash economy, which means the real unemployment numbers in the U.S. are over 42% — and that was before the massive Corona Crisis erupted.

So the real question is: Why are major banks privately owned and operated for their own personal profit, who pay no interest on savings, while charging anywhere from 20% to 30% interest on credit cards? While Socialism is often referred to as a dictatorship in capitalistic America, it is actually an economic concept of non-profit “public ownership” of major natural resources and institutions like energy, banks, healthcare, schools and universities.

Thus ratifying the Democracy Amendment will not just create a real majority-rule political democracy, but an Economic Democracy as well, which is critical to replacing the highly-toxic and non-renewable fossil and nuclear fuels with solar-sourced Hydrogen & Cannabis Age in America and worldwide by 2025, whereby the renewable hydrogen fuel is simply made from water with electricity generated by the wind and sun, or from hydrogen-rich crops like cannabis, which will rapidly create sustainable and “Stable-State” Economic Democracies worldwide, with state-of-the-art indoor organic agricultural systems (which are shown below) in homes and commercial buildings, which will be able to operate in spite of the worsening climate change chaos — as well as non-profit naturopathic healthcare and educational systems in every community (i.e. BraunCare).

It is important to note that two words define a Democracy: “majority rule,” and telling voters they live in a Democracy is not a little white lie. It is a spectacular Orwellian distortion that is literally making the Earth uninhabitable in one generation, by allowing the continued mass-production of long-lived carbon and nuclear-based chemical poisons worldwide.

The Orwellian Trump administration is literally destroying the U.S government from the inside out, replacing highly-skilled professionals, including many judges and virtually all of the U.S. attorneys, with highly-partisan but totally incompetent Trump loyalists, which is exactly what Adolf Hitler did in the Third Reich, before he utterly destroyed Germany and much of Europe. And while over 16,000 scientists worldwide have warned the Earth is now in the final exponential stages of an Oil & Nuclear Age-induced global Mass Extinction event, Trump’s Fourth Reich of idiots has been allowed to commit irreversible Nuremberg-class crimes by removed all regulations on these highly-toxic oil, fracking and nuclear corporations, while putting oil industry lobbyists in charge of the EPA.

These actions have exponentially accelerated the chemical contamination of every man, woman and child in America and worldwide due to an immutable law in physics called “diffusion,” which is an irreversible chemical reaction that occurs every time cream is poured into coffee. And if highly-toxic gasoline is poured into the coffee, it diffuses just as rapidly as the cream. Thus, the mass-produced oil-based toxic chemicals, that will remain toxic for thousands of years — or the most abundant nuclear waste isotopes, such as uranium U-238, which has have a half-life of 4.5 billion years, will never be “cleaned up,” because they have been absorbed into the air, water, food and every person and other living organism worldwide, because these toxic molecular poisons now arrive as particles in the wind and rain worldwide, due to the immutable laws in physics of diffusion — which is why the production of such toxic chemicals — which were never needed as this report will document — must now be made illegal if life is to have any chance of surviving the mass-extinction that is now in its final exponential stages.

This is because the chemical contamination and climate change chaos is also destroying major food production systems worldwide. And while the wind and solar powered Hydrogen Age and indoor agricultural solutions are ready to be deployed nationwide, Trump is doing nothing except greatly expanding the nuclear Arms Race and the use of fracked fossil fuels and nuclear power. And the only Constitutional process voters can use to rapidly replace both Trump and America’s lobbyist (i.e. bribery)-based Republic that brought him to power — before the next hacked election in 2020 — is ratify the Democracy Amendment.

Thus, Harry Braun’s initial presidential campaign mission is to make the American voters aware of their most important constitutional power, found in Article V of the U.S. Constitution, which is to ratify amendments in State Constitutional Conventions. And this Emergency Clause was provided by George Mason, a remarkable founding father from Virginia, who now has a university named in his honor.

George Mason

In the final hours of finishing the U.S. Constitution, George Mason passionately urged his fellow founders to provide the American citizens with a “Constitutional Emergency Cord” that could be pulled by the majority of voters in case of a tyrannical government of corruption or overreach. As Mason wrote: “It would be improper to require the consent of the National Legislature, because they may abuse their power, and refuse their consent on that very account.”

The “Emergency Clause” language in Article V is shown below in red.

“The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof …”

Note the initial reference in Article V to a national singular “convention,” for proposing amendments — which would be chaotic given Article V provides no instructions as to who would even be able to vote in such a convention. Whereas the second plural reference to “conventions” would have to be organized in each state in order to ratify amendments. And given the last line states the Congress “may” (not shall) propose the state Constitutional Conventions, this clearly means the majority of voters in each state are also empowered to organize their State Constitutional Conventions on their own, in order to overcome the corrupt state legislatures, who are far-less expensive to bribe by the oil and fracking lobbyists than the Members of Congress.

Moreover, Article V clearly states it does not matter how an amendment is introduced. What matters is if the proposed amendment is ratified by the majority of voters in three-fourths of the states — either by the (bribery-based) state legislators which would never ratify the Democracy Amendment — or by state Constitutional “Conventions,” which in the case of the Democracy Amendment, the Conventions will use a completely verifiable downloaded State Constitutional paper ballot, that is signed and mailed to each voter’s Secretary of State, where the ballots can be verified, counted and archived. .

Avoiding the Potential Chaos of an Undefined Constitutional Convention

In the case of the Article V citizen-sponsored Democracy Amendment, there is no need for a chaotic national Constitutional Convention to create the amendment, given Article V makes no mention of who would be able to organize or go the Convention to draft and vote to approve any proposed amendments, because voters in all 50 states, regardless of their political party registration, are able to download the completely verifiable Article V State Constitutional Convention Citizen Ballots in all 50 states, and then simply mail them to their Secretary of State. And once the Democracy Amendment ratified in 38-states, America’s lobbyist-based Oligarchic Republic will then be replaced with a real “majority-rule” Democracy, where a “Universal Mind” of over 60 million voters, most of whom are women, will be constitutionally-empowered to approve all laws and Supreme Court “recommendations.

There is much talk about lying in government, which is perfectly legal in the USA unless one is sworn under oath. This includes elected officials like Donald Trump, who is a pathological liar — which is reason enough to have him removed from office. Yet virtually all of the Democratic candidates continually refer to the United States as a democracy, which is the biggest lie of all, given one only needs a dictionary to know that America is — and always has been — a lobbyist-based Republic, which is an Oligarchy where a tiny number of rich people rule in secret with the lobbyists who bribe them. This is why the governments of the United States, North Korea, Iran, Israel, Russia and China are all Republics, where voters are NOT “deciders” — but simply outside “observers” who never get to hear the whole truth — or the secrets before the real decisions are made. And many retiring members of Congress have acknowledged on national television that they were tired of spending over 90 percent of their time meeting with lobbyists and going to fundraisers. But all of the remaining money in their campaign accounts stays under their control once they retire, which is simply public service for private gain. However, once the Democracy Amendment is ratified, the U.S. Congress will then be run like the U.S. Armed Forces, with pride but not bribes.

And the one country that has been successfully operating as a real Constitutional Democracy since the year 1291 is virtually never mentioned in the United States Congress or the major corporate news networks. This is a country that is so diverse it has four official languages; it has not been in an external war for over 200 years, even though it was surrounded by countries that were destroyed by war; and it is where the world’s first automobile was built in 1807, which was using carbon-free “electrolytic” hydrogen fuel made from water with electricity — because it was so easy to do, and because oil-based gasoline would not be available for another generation. And that country is Switzerland.

Voter Education is Critical

Once America becomes a real “majority-rule” Democracy, educating the voters will be one of the first the first priorities. Thus, presidential debates will not tolerate simplistic one or two-minute responses to the highly-complex problems that every voter needs to be made aware of, including the Sixth Mass-Extinction event in the Earth’s history that is now in its final exponential stages due to the over 350,000 highly toxic oil and nuclear-based chemicals and isotopes that have contaminated the global atmosphere, the rain, crops and every man, woman and child on the Earth.

Even the water purified by reverse osmosis systems, that is then stored in oil-based plastic bottles is heavily contaminated within seconds with over 24,000 highly-toxic endocrine-disrupting chemicals that have been shown to cause sex changes in animals and humans.

Given voter education is absolutely critical in a real majority-rule Democracy, the public airwaves must be returned to the public and operated as a non-profit public university of journalists, scientists and lawyers, who will be able to provide the highest quality educational programing available 24/7 — without commercials — where all registered candidates with serious platforms will not need to raise money because they will be provided with equal air time on the public airwaves, who will be evaluated by the quality of their ideas rather than how much money they can raise from lobbyists.

Only then will it be possible to end the blatant bribery of elected officials by corporate lobbyists, which has been directly responsible for the well-documented Poisoning of America. ”


A Toxic America Documentary by medical professor Sanjay Gupta.

As medical professor Sanjay Gupta documented in his “Toxic America” report aired on CNN in 2010, every man, woman and child in America has been heavily contaminated with a mixture of over 85,000 oil-based chemical poisons that will remain toxic for thousands of years, including the unborn, who now soak in a witches-brew of chemical poisons from the moment of conception, from high-volume mass-produced products like gasoline, pesticides and oil-based plastics, which is why over 90 percent of the sperm in young American’s are now dysfunctional. And the only way voters can constitutionally end the mindless partisan dysfunction; government secrecy; the lobbying of elected officials; and the production of all toxic chemicals is for the majority of voters in 38 states to ratify the Democracy Amendment.

Does The Democratic Party Believe in Democracy?

The so-called Democratic leaders in Congress all work in a bribery-based Republican form of government, just like the Republicans do, which involves taking money from the vast army of lobbyists from the fossil fuel and nuclear corporations that over 16,000 scientists worldwide have warned are rapidly making the Earth a dead planet. Hillary Clinton, who went to Yale law school, continually refers to America as a “Constitutional Democracy,” while she spent most of her time promoted fracking worldwide as Secretary of State for Exxon, Halliburton and Chevron, including in countries like Libya and Ukraine — which triggered new military conflicts that killed thousands of innocent people for oil and gas, which then escalated a new multi-trillion dollar nuclear arms race with Russia. And as the Washington Post reported, Hillary Clinton secretly raised over $2 billion for the Clinton Foundation from foreign oil barons while she was serving as Secretary of State, which is why she said the 30,000 emails she deleted were her personal (Clinton Foundation) business. And President Obama allowed Clinton to operate as Secretary of State with this obvious conflict of interest. And yet Bill and Hillary were never prosecuted.

Hillary and Bill Clinton also managed to transform Russia, which was running out of uranium, into a uranium Superpower, with a deal that allows Russian to mine and extract 20 percent of the U.S. uranium reserves — which should be left in the ground, given that is the only way to keep the deadly isotopes out of the global environment. Princeton University economics professor Roger Stern documented that over $8 trillion was wasted in America’s Oil Wars and oil tanker protection services by the U.S. Navy and Air Force since 1976. And since 1991, the USA has been using illegal uranium-tipped bombs and munitions shown below that are spreading these U-238 radioactive poisons worldwide in the wind and rain, which have a radioactive half-life of 4.5 billion years. And none of the existing presidential candidates ever mention these Nuremberg-class crimes that have been committed against not just humanity — but all life on the Earth.



Uranium-tipped U.S. bombs and munitions are shown above, which disperse the highly-toxic U-238 isotopes worldwide in the wind, rain and snow, which contaminates the agricultural crops worldwide, due to the immutable laws of physics called diffusion, which occurs every time cream is poured into coffee.



And this is the result, a new generation of deformed children.



Note the United States was already contaminated with invisible radioactive poisons from coast to coast in 1993. And then came Fukushuma, and the immutable laws of diffusion.



While the entire Pacific ocean is being increasingly contaminated by the out-of-control GE reactors at Fukushima, none of the presidential candidates or corporate news networks have been covering this catastrophic event, which alone could make the Earth uninhabitable.



While this global chemical and radioactive contamination is clearly a Nuremberg-class crime, America’s Oligarchic Republic refused to become a member of the International Criminal Court after World War II, because if it were, all of the U.S. presidents, from Truman to Trump would have been arrested, tried and hung for the Nuremberg-class crimes they committed for the Oil and Nuclear Industrial Complex. And this outlaw status for the United States will only change once the Democracy Amendment is ratified, at which point voters will finally see and hear the truth regarding the secrets about the long list of Nuremberg-class crimes that are routinely committed by both Republican and so-called Democratic Presidents.

While the highly-toxic Oil and Nuclear Age is rapidly making the Earth uninhabitable, the principal issue the Democrats were prepared to shut the government down over involved providing legal rights and citizenship to unknown millions of illegal immigrants, while ignoring the over 100 million Americans and children who live “off the books” in destitute poverty, eating junk food and drinking toxic sugar drinks and contaminated water, insuring a lifetime of tragic diseases that are bankrupting America. Thus, the American people are utterly unprepared for the biblical-scale climate change and chemical contamination chaos that the National Academy of Sciences has testified is already destroying major food production systems worldwide.

A Real Democratic America

Once the Democracy Amendment is ratified, a Universal Mind of over 60 million voters will be constitutionally empowered to approve all laws in the federal government, and which point the most difficult chronic problems like healthcare, immigration, climate change, chemical contamination can finally and rapidly be resolved. As a real majority-rule Democracy, America’s new foreign policy will no longer be focused on backing dictators in oil-rich foreign countries like Saudi Arabia, but on promoting the Solar Hydrogen and Cannabis Age worldwide, teaming up with countries like China that is already building the world’s first Hydrogen City and the first mass-production of hydrogen fuel cells as a strategically-important technology, because hydrogen is the ultimate energy storage medium for the intermittent wind and other solar technologies, as well as for cars, homes, and even cell phones.

If only four percent of the vehicles in a typical city were using hydrogen fuel cells when they were parked and plugged into the grid, they would be able to displace all of the highly-toxic fossil fuel and nuclear power plants. And unlike the unsustainable lithium for electric batteries that is highly-flammable and rapidly being depleted worldwide, hydrogen is both non-toxic and inexhaustible because it is completely renewable when it is made from water or hydrogen-rich crops like cannabis.

Less than three million two-megawatt wind-powered hydrogen production systems would replace all of the fossil fuels and uranium now used in the United States, and they are no more difficult to mass-produce than the over 17 million new vehicles sold each year in the U.S. And 17 million 2 megawatt wind powered hydrogen production systems would replace all of the fossil and nuclear fuels now used worldwide, which should be the initial focus of America’s new foreign policy. This is in sharp contrast to the Trump administration that has eliminated the environmental regulations on the oil and fracking industry — which alone is a Nuremberg-class crime where America’s ground water and aquifers are contaminated for thousands of years for fracking sites that typically only operate for less than 24 months.

Yet this catastrophic chemical contamination is not considered a crime by the U.S. Justice Department, which instead has spent over a trillion dollars arresting and prosecuting individuals for cannabis possession, which in many cases resulted in life sentences for a crime that has no victim! Given cannabis is not only non toxic — it is a highly-nutritious food and “smart” cannabinopathic medicine that that has been documented killing cancer cells on film, while leaving normal cells untouched. Cannabis also contains the heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, high quality proteins and many other important nutrients that are needed to keep blood vessels elastic. And according to a remarkable paper published in Scientific America in December of 2004, the psychoactive cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is not a toxic “drug” at all, but a hydrogen-rich neurotransmitter in the brain of all humans and other vertebrate animals for the past 500 million years, which switches on a two-way communication and feedback system in the brain that has completely redefined the science of neurology.

Henry Ford’s Cannabis Plastic Cars



Henry Ford is shown on YouTube repeatedly striking one of his cannabis-plastic cars with a large axe, with no scratches or dents, because his cannabis-based plastics were 10 times stronger and 30 percent lighter than steel, while being completely non-toxic, biodegradable, and indeed highly nutritious (note the whale below that died from eating highly-toxic oil-based plastics in a remote pacific island). Imagine what would happen to the hood or trunk of your steel car if you repeatedly struck it with an axe. And also consider the vast sums of money that has been spent since the 1930’s repairing rusting steel cars. Ford also used the super-strong cannabis fibers for the cars interior seats and carpets, which would last a lifetime.



If cannabis had not been made illegal in 1937 by oil industry lobbyists, Henry Ford would have put the oil and coal corporations out of business with the much less-expensive cannabis fuels, plastics and fibers, which means the global ocean ecosystems that are now in the final stages of being driven into extinction would still healthy, if the so-called free market system in America was allow to work without oil industry lobbyists. And if the economic calculations included the economic costs of contaminating all life on the Earth in only one generation, no one could afford the cost.

As Henry Ford demonstrated in the 1920’s, the least expensive hydrogen, plastics and highly-nutritious medicines were all made with small farmers growing cannabis, which was going to put the oil and coal companies out of business, with this chemical engineering concept called Chemurgy (i.e. the chemical and industrial use of organic raw materials). This is the real reason cannabis had it’s scientific name changed to an unknown Mexican slang term, marijuana, so it could be made illegal as a dangerous “new” drug in 1937 by oil and DuPont industry lobbyists led by Oil Baron and Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon (who was a major investor in DuPont), with no recorded vote in either the House or Senate, and over the objections of the American Medical Association, and without the Constitutional amendment that was needed to make alcohol illegal as per Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. While this oil industry scam worked, the result has been the climate change and chemical contamination chaos that is now rapidly making the Earth uninhabitable in only one generation.

And in order to put an end to the vast army of lobbyists from the Oil Industrial Complex who bribe elected officials from both political parties in all 50 states, Braun’s first priority is to inform voters about the “Emergency Clause” language in Article V of the U.S. Constitution, which allows voters to ratify the Democracy Amendment that will replace Trump and America’s bribery-based Oligarchic Republic that “selected” him, by ratifying the Democracy Amendment:

A Political and Economic Democracy

While the word “Socialism” is often referred as a dictatorship by Republicans, its real definition can be summed up in two words: “public ownership.” And given the sun, wind, water, cannabis and hydrogen production and engine conversion technologies have all been in the public domain since the 1800’s, the U.S. Solar Hydrogen and Cannabis Age, energy, economic, banking and healthcare systems should all be publicly-owned and operated, so the trillions of dollars for hydrogen fuels, chemicals, plastics and medicines each year will go to the local communities, farmers and the U.S. Treasury, rather than to the private multinational oil-owned corporations who are making the Earth uninhabitable. Thus ratifying the Democracy Amendment will also result in an Economic Democracy for the United States, which will fundamentally end the corruption and secrecy of America’s bribery-based Oligarchic Republic.

Vast financial resources will then be available to pay for a non-profit healthcare and educational system for all citizens, which will be similar to the non-profit systems that have been successfully used by the U.S. Armed Forces and other industrialized countries. This will eliminate the costly insurance corporation element, which is roughly one-third of the total medical costs, by simply providing cost-free medical and dental care to all citizens and visitors — as well as a “Doctor Google” type supercomputer-based personalized medical assistance website online for all citizens 24/7 (i.e. the BraunCare option). This is the only patient-focused healthcare proposal that is cost-effective because it is a non-profit system where doctors, dentists and other health care medical staff and facilities are prohibited from “operating” on commission, which fundamentally corrupts the health care system by allowing hospitals and doctors to encourage unnecessary procedures and pharmaceutical drugs like Tylenol, which a USA Today reporter found was marked-up by over 1,000 percent on a patient’s bill, most of which is billed to the hapless taxpayers.


Healthcare is at the top of voters concerns, and as such, they need to be made aware that once the Democracy Amendment is ratified, it will then be possible to end the Corporate Business of Medicare that is bankrupting America with over $31 trillion in unfunded debt, which is now larger than the $23 trillion National Debt according to the USDebtClock.org website. And Medicare for all will only accelerate the debt, which has already reduced the value of the U.S. Dollar to about eight cents of its value in 1970.

This healthcare transformation will end the insurance element, by providing a no-fee, universal “BraunCare” medical system for all Americans and visitors, that is based on the non-profit system used by the U.S. Armed Forces since the country was founded, with an emphases on preventive, naturopathic and cannabinopathic medicine proposed by Harvard Medical Professor Lester Grinspoon, that will replace the super high-cost and highly-toxic pharmaceutical drugs. The BraunCare system will also be integrated with a highly-personalized Doctor Google-type online “supercomputer physician” that can be accessed 24/7 at no cost by any individual’s computer or smart phone, which will ideally be powered by a mini-hydrogen fuel cell that will last 40 days before recharging.

Harry Braun is the only 2020 Presidential Candidate who is not a politician, but a senior scientist who represents thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide, who has proposed fundamental and integrated scientific solutions to the climate change and chemical contamination crisis, which includes implementing a hydrogen-based energy system, and not a unsustainable “Growth” economy based on the increasing consumption of highly-toxic and non-renewable resources, but a “Stable State” economic and foreign policy; implementing indoor point-of-use water purification and indoor agriculture systems (shown below) in homes and commercial buildings; while providing a universal non-profit healthcare system based on the ones used by the U.S. Armed Forces, updated with a Dr. Google supercomputer in ones phone or computer; a scientific immigration analysis, and non-profit education system online for all Americans.

According to documents found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essene Jesus was a Democrat who practiced Cannabinopathic Medicine.



Another relatively unknown, but remarkable ancient democracy and naturopathic health care system that was revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls, documented that Jesus lived most of his young adult life living and working with an ancient Jewish communal community called the Essene’s, which were a university of scholars, scientists and naturopathic physicians, which originated in the Book of Enoch in The Old Testament. The Essene’s read and carefully transcribed documents in many languages, and they also democratically elected their leaders. Essene members had a 3-year initiation process, and after they were formally accepted in the Essene community they were considered as part of a family, thus they lived as a communal healing extended family that would not tolerate the concentration of private wealth or the profit motive within their societies.

He called himself Jesus of Nazareth, which is in northern Palestine, but he was named by his disciples as “Christ,” which is an ancient Greek word meaning “the anointed.” Following the recipe for holy anointing oil given from God to Moses in the Old Testament (Exodus 30: 22-23), Jesus would infuse nine pounds of cannabis, known in ancient Hebrew as “kannabus” (fragrant cane), into about six quarts of olive oil, along with extracts of myrrh, cinnamon, and cassia. The mixture was then applied to the skin where it was absorbed into the blood, where it would cure a wide-range of medical illnesses. Jesus also taught his patients about the healing “angles” that were found in fasting, proper exposure to the sun, bathing daily, breathing pure air, drinking pure rain water and eating primarily fruit and other plant-based foods — which should always be consumed in moderation. Jesus and the Essenes believed that all animals were creations of God, and should therefore be respected.

The Essene elders were so impressed with Jesus, that when he finally left them for his medical and spiritual mission, they sent two scribes to follow him and take careful notes of his teachings in real time, which tell a very different story than the New Testament about the miracles of Jesus, who as it turns out, was a highly-skilled naturopathic physician, who was ultimately executed in his 30’s due in part to his act of throwing the money changers out of the temple. This is not surprising given the profit motive was absolutely not tolerated in the Essene communities because they believed it corrupted the nature of relationships (“where interest lies, honor dies”). The word Essene means “to heal,” and in many cases Essene community hospitals were located in urban areas, although the pollution of the day in many cities caused many Essenes to leave the congested urban areas in order to live in remote, communal societies that developed sophisticated rain-water catchment and clay pot storage systems for the pure rain water. Additional details on the Essene Jesus are on page 4 and 5 of the BraunCare report, as well as on Wikipedia.

Replacing Oil with Hydrogen Worldwide by 2025

Given the Republican control of the Senate, the worsening Trump Constitutional Crisis will not be solved by impeachment; and given the key element to surviving — and rapidly reversing — the Global Climate Change and Chemical Contamination crisis is hydrogen, the most abundant element in the Universe, which is critical for all life on the Earth, given it is what holds molecules together. Hydrogen is also the only zero-carbon emission fuel that is much safer than highly-toxic and non-renewable gasoline, because hydrogen is the lightest element, which dissipates in a fraction of a second if a leak or accident occurs — compared to gasoline that sticks to passengers and burns them alive. Hydrogen, by contrast, is a completely non-toxic and renewable “universal” fuel that can power any existing engine, home, or power plant. And hydrogen is the ideal storage method that allows the intermittent wind and solar technologies to replace all fossil fuels and nuclear fuels worldwide, while being dispatchable 24-hours a day, regardless of weather conditions.

Yet replacing the Oil Age with with a Solar Hydrogen Age has been utterly ignored by all of the oil-industry owned major news networks, as well as all of the other presidential candidates, including the technically-illiterate Trump, who is not being charged by the Democrats or the Justice Department for being a Nuremberg-class chemical contamination criminal for his executive orders to increase the use of fracking for vast new releases of toxic oil and other fossil fuels and uranium, which are in the final exponential stages of making the Earth uninhabitable. Thus, the key to surviving this mass-extinction process is to mass-produce and install solar-hydrogen-powered indoor organic agricultural systems in every home, and commercial building, which will be able to operate in spite of the worsening climate change and chemical contamination chaos. If people can have access to reverse osmosis purified water and organic food, they can survive.

Modifying Existing Homes and Commercial Buildings to become Indoor Organic Agricultural Ecosystems





Indoor agricultural systems integrated with lighting systems that simulate natural sunlight are the key for surviving the climate change chaos. While most people in America now avoid exposure to sunlight, extensive scientific and clinical research by MIT professor of endocrinology and other scientists since the 1800’s have documented that proper exposure to the ultraviolet wavelengths of sunlight (down to 290 nm) is critical for human health and productivity, including converting the cholesterol in the skin into Vitamin D, which is really a protein that is needed by every one of the 37 trillion cells in the human body. Thus, as the Institute of Medicine verified, none of the so-called vitamin D pills and other dietary supplements work (which is a $3 billion a year fraud industry for just vitamin D), and if the cholesterol is not converted, it will accumulate in the blood causing heart disease and death. So avoiding a tan in the sun is a very bad idea.

Every existing home, vehicle and engine (including ships, trains and aircraft) and power plants can and should be modified to use zero-carbon emission hydrogen fuel — which which is also the ideal energy storage element made from water with electricity generated by the wind and other solar technologies, because hydrogen production is what makes the intermittent wind and other solar resources dispatchable 24/7. Although as Henry Ford demonstrated in the 1920’s, the fastest and least expensive method of producing hydrogen and non-toxic plastics was to use cannabis crops that the United States and civilization itself were founded upon, given every ship at sea required the use of cannabis for food, clothing, paper and the super-strong “canvas” sails, ropes and rigging that were strong enough to survive in the harsh ocean environment.

The World’s First Automobile built in 1807 Was Powered by Hydrogen



The world’s first automobile built in Switzerland in 1807 is shown above, which was using hydrogen fuel made from water with electricity from a small battery. Thousands of hydrogen-fueled vehicles have subsequently been made worldwide, including the BMW and Honda vehicles shown below built in the 1990’s.



The BMW shown above uses either gasoline or liquid hydrogen fuel that is stored in a vacuum-jacketed cryogenic “Dewar” storage system that was also used in all the Saturn V Moon Rockers and Space Shuttles, which most closely resembles gasoline from the perspective of size and volume on board the vehicle. Hydrogen-fueled vehicles are also being developed by General Motors, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda, which has also developed a hydrogen production and refueling system for the home or community. The liquid hydrogen tanker shown above was developed in the 1970’s for NASA by General Dynamics, which would never cause any toxic spills or smoke in the event of a hydrogen leak or major accident or fire. Lockheed Martin engineers demonstrated how any existing commercial aircraft can be modified to use liquid hydrogen below, by placing the hydrogen storage Dewars in the shaded areas in the fuselage without any increase in air resistance during flight.



Liquid hydrogen aircraft and spacecraft have been developed by NASA, Lockheed Martin and Boeing because hydrogen has the highest energy per weight of any combustion fuel. And hydrogen is a much safer fuel to use than gasoline and other hydrocarbon fuels because it is non-toxic and produces no toxic smoke when it burns, and because it is the lightest (and most abundant) element in the universe, it dissipates in a fraction of a second in the event of a leak or accident — unlike highly-toxic gasoline that wicks to people and surfaces and burns them alive. The Phoenix Project and The Hydrogen Age documentaries provide an overview of this transition of substance.

The completely unnecessary and highly-toxic Oil Age is the principal reason why the multi-trillion dollar chemical contamination of every American has taken place, including the unborn, which no one in the White House or Congress ever mentions. Researchers at the University of Georgia have reported that homeowners now hire commission-based contractors to spray over 10 times more highly-toxic oil-based pesticides and herbicides on their property each year than farmers spray on their crops, even though the toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons in insecticides and herbicides are remarkably stable molecules that will remain toxic for tens of thousands of years.

And given most vehicles uses toxic gasoline or diesel fuel, and most supermarkets wrap their food in highly-toxic oil-based plastics instead of non-toxic cannabis-based plastics, As such, it should not be surprising that The New York Times published an alarming report by Nicholas Kristoff on the medical research documenting that over 90 percent of sperm in young American males are now dysfunctional. And the ones that do make to the egg contain genes that are increasingly damaged, which has created a new generation of severely damaged individuals.

Even the oil-based plastic water bottles used by millions of Americans daily have been shown to contaminate the water they contain with over 24,000 endocrine-disrupting toxic chemicals, and such chemicals are causing unwanted sex-changes in both humans and other animals — including frogs — which along with the bees that pollinate our most important crops, and the remaining fish in the oceans — are also now quietly disappearing worldwide — as the Trump administration approves oil drilling everywhere, as well as the world’s largest highly-toxic gold mining project in the middle of the last remaining salmon populations in the State of Alaska. While the Trump administration has eliminated the pathetic environmental regulations for the oil, coal, chemical and nuclear corporations, medical professor Sanjay Gupta’s two-hour “Toxic America” report aired on CNN in 2010 documented that every man, woman and child in the USA has already been heavily-contaminated with a witches-brew of over 85,000 unregulated oil-based chemical poisons, which were all excluded from EPA review by industry lobbyists when the agency was established by President Nixon in 1970. Thus this catastrophic chemical contamination of the Earth and its atmosphere is being absorbed by every man, woman and child worldwide, as well as all other animals, microbes and proteins, which are at the molecular heart of all living organisms on the Earth.

The Nanobial Proteins
(i.e. our protein-based biological creators and operators on a nanometer-scale from nanosecond to nanosecond).



DNA is a four-digit “supercomputer” code for making proteins, the most complex structures in the known Universe, which are being dissolved destroyed by the petroleum-based chemical poisons that have been mass-produced ever since cannabis was made illegal by oil industry lobbyists in 1937

The DNA molecule in the left codes for making all proteins, which are not just our biological Creators, but our Operators from nanosecond to nanosecond, who make, store, recall and communicate all of our memories. The X-ray crystallography image of the Subtilsin enzyme shown above was provided for publication in my Phoenix Project book by Arthur J. Olson, Ph.D. Copyright © Research Institute of Scripps Clinic California. Note that each dot in the image represents an individual atom of the protein’s 3-dimensional structure. Thus the proteins of life are not just mindless molecules, they are a 4-billion-year-old civilization of master engineers that have developed and operate in real time all cells, memories, brains and bodies in all living organisms, from viruses to human beings. And they are being dissolved into the amyloid plaques shown below that are at the heart of the mass-extinction event now underway due to the highly-toxic oil-based chemical poisons that were never needed.

The critical proteins of life are being dissolved into “Amyloid Plaques” which are causing dozens of terrible diseases, including Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Autism. And babies are now born worldwide with the amylods in their brains and bodies.



The photograph on the left is of a protein that has been dissolved into a super-sticky amyloid mass of entangled amino acids. The image on the right shows an accumulation of amyloids on neurons in the brain, although these amyloid masses are located randomly throughout cells in the body, resulting in a wide-spectrum of tragic diseases listed in Wikipedia, including cancer, Autism and Alzheimer’s, which are in the process of bankrupting America. While the cause of the amyloid plaques is still unknown in the published scientific literature, this is presumably because the investigators assume the cause is due to some mysterious and unknown defective gene.

However, a much more likely causal factor of the proteins being chemically dissolved is from the witches-brew of tens of thousands of highly-toxic oil-based chlorinated hydrocarbon molecules that are now in the blood of every American. This includes the unborn who are now born with the super-sticky amyloid acid masses and their erratic tangles in their brains and bodies. This hydrocarbon chemical reaction is exactly what happens when gasoline is used to dissolve the oil and grease on automotive parts in a matter of seconds. And ironically, the only substance tested that has been shown to stop and reverse the progression of amyloid plaques are the array of remarkable cannabinopathic molecules in cannabis.

Cannabinoids Remove Plaque-Forming Alzheimer’s Amyloid Proteins from Brain Cells.

According to research published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health (PubMed.gov), Neuroprotective substances shield nerve cells from damage or death and cannabis-based cannabinoids can act as an neuroprotective antioxidants in neuronal cultures. Cannabidiol in particular was demonstrated to reduce hydroperoxide toxicity in neurons. In a head to head trial of the effectiveness of various antioxidants to prevent glutamate toxicity, cannabidiol was superior to both alpha-tocopherol and ascorbate in protective capacity. Yet despite this evidence that cannabinoids can clear the brain of the amyloid plaque buildup that leads to dementia, Alzheimer’s and Autism, the Salk Institute scientists reported that federal opposition to the the use of cannabis significantly slowed their their research efforts toward developing an effective treatment for these fatal diseases, which now afflict millions of Americans each year.

June 27, 2016. Scientists from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, have demonstrated that the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compounds found in cannabis (i.e. marijuana) are, in fact, “neuroprotectants,” which are able to untangle the sticky amyloid protein masses while promoting the cellular removal of the toxic amyloid beta proteins from brain cells and neurons that are associated with a wide-range of costly diseases reported in Wikipedia, including cancer, Alzheimer’s and Autism. According to Salk Professor David Schubert, the senior author of the paper, “Although other studies have offered evidence that cannabinoids might be neuroprotective against the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, we believe our study is the first to demonstrate that cannabinoids affect both inflammation and amyloid beta accumulation in nerve cells.”

16,000 Scientists Worldwide have repeatedly warned that the Earth’s Sixth Mass-Extinction Event is now in its Final Exponential Stages!

It is important to note that thousands of distinguished scientists worldwide, including the majority of Nobel Laureates, have warned since the 1990’s that the Earth is now in the final exponential stages of an anthropocentric (i.e. human caused) Oil and Nuclear Age-induced 6th mass extinction event in the Earth’s history, where every man, woman, and child has been heavily contaminated with a witches-brew of over 85,000 oil-based chemical and radioactive poisons, including the unborn, who now soak in these toxic chemicals from the moment of conception, which was documented in medical professor Sanjay Gupta’s riveting two-hour CNN Toxic America report aired in 2010, which is no longer available for viewing, is discussed in more detail below.

The critical bees that pollinate many of the most important crops are rapidly disappearing in the U.S. due to the continued use of highly-toxic oil-based pesticides — and Trump’s end of EPA pesticide regulations, which is another Nuremberg-class crime that is only accelerating this bee extinction process. The New York Times also reported in 2017 that the world’s largest fishing fleet of some 3,500 ships from China returned with empty nets, and over 90 percent of the sperm in young American males is now so damaged from the vast number of chemical poisons in the body, they are no longer able to swim to the egg.

Moreover, if fertilization does take place, the probability of having a normal child only worsens as the high-volume mass-production of highly-toxic oil and nuclear chemicals continues. In one news report, over $3 million (of taxpayers money) was spent on the first three months of a terribly deformed child’s life, but the child’s condition was unchanged. It is now clear that the very molecular and genetic stability of our species is being lost with this mass-production of chemical poisons, which is why they need to be made illegal — and not natural plants like cannabis — which is not only not toxic, but highly nutritious, while being the only medical herb that has been successfully used to treat over 200 different medical conditions for the past 5,000 years.

Given thousands of scientists worldwide have repeatedly warned that the anthropocentric use of oil and uranium is in the final exponential stages of making the Earth uninhabitable, and given the only fundamental solution involves replacing the highly-toxic and non-renewable Oil and Nuclear Age with a Solar Hydrogen Cannabis Age and Economy that the USA and Civilization itself was founded upon, it is remarkable that this information has never been reported on by the major television news networks — or the Democratic Party — whose senior leaders since World War II have generally supported the Oil Wars for the multinational Oil Industrial Corporate Complex.




As a scientist, Braun’s analysis is that the U.S. immigration system is utterly out of control. No one really knows how many illegal immigrants are in the United States, because illegal immigrants will naturally avoid the census. And this violation of the Constitution has been ignored by all of the existing presidents and presidential candidates, except Harry Braun, who has recommended the federal government authorize all utility providers to require their customers to disclose their citizenship status, so that a reasonably accurate census can be provided. But given the current demographic trends, the Caucasian population will be outnumbered by the darker skinned individuals in the United States by 2045 — if not sooner.

Elk vs. Wilkins

Thus the question of citizenship and voting is indeed a critically-important element in a real democracy, yet the most important legal decision by the Supreme Court in 1884 on this matter, Elk vs. Wilkins, has been ignored by all the legal experts on the major news networks. The Supreme Court confirmed and clarified this restricted interpretation of citizenship in the case, where John Elk, a member of an Indian tribe born on American soil, could not meet the allegiance test of the jurisdictional phrase because he “owed immediate allegiance to” his tribe, a vassal or quasi-nation, and not to the United States. Thus the Court held Elk was not “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States at birth. The phrase “subject to its jurisdiction” was interpreted to exclude citizens of foreign states born within the United States, thus the Court concluded the status of the parents determines the citizenship status of the child.

Given this Supreme Court ruling in 1884, it is not necessary to modify the 14th Amendment. All that is needed is to follow the existing Constitution, which also requires that the government take an accurate census of the individuals living in the country, which has not been possible to do given untold millions of illegal immigrants will logically avoid the census. The number of 11 million illegal immigrants has been mentioned for years, but no one has any idea of how many illegal immigrants are in the United States, and the real number could easily be over 100 million. Thus Braun’s solution for this problem is to follow the recommendation of Arizona attorney Barry Wong, to simply require utility companies (energy and water) to determine the citizenship status of their customers, which will quickly and inexpensively provide a reasonably accurate number of both citizens and non-citizens that are now residing in the U.S. — both legally and illegally.

But the profoundly-serious overpopulation issue — which the U.S. Geologic Survey verifies is a major element of the mass-extinction event now taking place worldwide — impacts every urban and rural community. And as Braun points out, from a scientific perspective, there is no such thing as “race.” Barack Obama’s father was so-called black, and his mother was so-called white, so what is he? The fact is there are no “white” or “black” people, because technically speaking, every human being is some shade of brown.

Yet this critical overpopulation problem is ignored by the Congress, the corporate news media and both political parties. But as the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics below indicates, there are now over 94 million Americans who are not employed and do not show up on the unemployment roles, who pay no taxes because they are surviving in a vast underground economy, mostly populated with people living in poverty — who would love to have the legal, housing, food, education and health care benefits that are provided to illegal immigrants when they turn themselves over to U.S. authorities, which costs the taxpayers well over $100 billion annually. Every voter should be briefed on the nature of exponential growth by respected experts on such a professor of physics Alpert Bartlett at the University of California.



Note that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics graph above documents 94 million Americans live in an underground cash economy, paying no taxes, so they don’t show up on the unemployment roles, and they are in addition to the 16 million people who do actually show up on the unemployment rolls, for a total of 110 million unemployed people in the United States. So when Trump claims the unemployment rate is 3% or 4%, his numbers are as phony as he is. The real unemployment number is over is over 42%, and that was before the Corona virus outbreak.



Human overpopulation devastates and dehumanizes the quality of life from moment to moment, and from a ecological perspective, the unsustainable a policy of “Growth” instead of a “Stable-State” economic system is a major element causing the worsening mass extinction event, which is clearly a policy of mass-suicide.


Given no other presidential candidate has sought to pass a Constitutional amendment to replace America’s bribery-based Republic with real “majority-rule” democracy, by using the Emergency Clause in Article V of the U.S. Constitution to ratify the amendment with a paper ballot downloaded from the BraunforPresident.US website; and given no other presidential candidate is discussing the critical hydrogen, chemical contamination or dollar devaluation issues; and given no other presidential candidate represents thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide, I have filed with the FEC as a 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate in the hope making voters aware of the information discussed in this email, because once the majority of voters are constitutionally empowered, they need to have a clear vision and universal path forward if America’s new Democracy is going to survive and prosper.

It is important to note that the extraordinary exponential advances in molecular biology are also accelerating humanity towards a technological “Utopia” of regenerative medicine and dentistry that will soon be able to reverse aging and disease, given the recent discovery of GDF-11, a key protein that switches on the stem cells to regenerate tissue and organs. Thus both Utopia and Oblivion are still possible. But the critical decisions made now are going to determine which future evolves. And the key is for America’s voters to finish America’s Revolution for Democracy with verifiable Constitutional Convention paper ballots — and not bullets.

Most commentators state how important voting is, but a recent CBS 60 Minutes “Hacking Democracy” report was quite alarming, given the FBI cyber analysts were clearly surprised at the national scale and scope of the Russian cyber attack in the 2016 election — which obviously helped put Donald Trump in the White House.

Thus Trump is clearly an illegitimate and utterly incompetent and technically-illiterate president, as well as a Nuremberg-class criminal for his autocratic removal of regulations on the coal, oil, fracking, pesticide, chemical and nuclear corporations that involve massive and catastrophic chemical contamination crimes that thousands of scientists have warned are accelerating the process of making the Earth uninhabitable.

Trump is a well-documented and unprecedented pathological liar, which is reason enough to have him removed from office. But given Putin bailed Trump out from his six major bankruptcies in the 1980’s through vast money laundering schemes with the Russian mob, Trump is obviously now a Putin Puppet, who refused to have anyone record the private Helsinki meeting he had with Putin — except the Russians. Trump also refused to have any American journalists or photographers present when he met secretly with Russian officials and journalists in the White House.

Trump has shattered America’s relations with NATO and our allies, and what was left of America’s standing in the world, as he repeatedly ridicules and ignores scientists, journalists, women, Robert Mueller, the Russian Investigation, the EPA, the FBI, the Justice Department, and the 17 intelligence agencies. And now Trump and his Republican enablers have the Supreme Court locked up, which means the only constitutional move left is for the majority of voters in 38-states to use the Emergency Clause in Article V of the Constitution to ratify the Democracy Amendment that can stop Trump and the evolving Fourth Reich he is creating dead in his tracks, as well as the vicious and dysfunctional partisan warfare that is in the final stages of ending all life on the Earth.

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